Thursday, July 30, 2009

If Vijay Mallya takes over LPG distribution ,Think ! What ll happen?

If Vijay Mallya takes over LPG distribution

After the phenomenal success of Kingfisher Airlines, Can you ever imagine as to how the Gas Cylinders will be delivered to your home?

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DON'T U THINK THAT ............

All husbands will stay home & start cooking !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ll mickel jackson get nobel prize?

An internet campaign has been launched by the fans of late Michael Jackson to have him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Over 12,000 signatures have been collected by two online petitions so far.

One of the petitions stated, “Michael’s message for humankind has always been rooted in compassion, and kindness. He has succeeded a lifelong dedication to the well being of humanity.”

The petition continues as follows: “It would be nearly impossible to count the multiple hundreds of millions of dollars Michael has donated to charity from his own finances and also through organizing major fund raising events.”

Another group collected more than 10000 signed letters from MJ’s fans which said, “Unfortunately we didn’t succeed in getting Michael nominated.”

Nobel - the most prestigious prize for peace was awarded for the first time in the year 1901.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mohammad Asif marries a TV personality Veena Malik

Popular Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif marries a TV personality Veena Malik in London.

Veena used to host a popular comedy show on Geo TV and is now entertaining on another channel under her own home production.

The couple got married on May 28th in London, reported Jang newspaper.

Asif wanted to stabilize his cricketing career before making a formal announcement. He was banned for a period of 12 months after a dope test. Later, he was selected for the Champions Trophy in South Africa.

He was detained in Dubai and was fined Rs. 1 million by the Pakistan Cricket Board for possessing opium, a banned drug. The legal expenses were footed by Veena, it is reported.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Abdhul kalam acts one Hindi movie

The former president of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam will act in a Bollywood film titled Mein Kalam Hoon.

Popularly known as the ‘Missile Man of India’, Kalam will act in this film with children. The film will be directed by Madhav Pandeya and will be produced by SMILE foundation. Bollywood baddie Gulshan Grover and French actress Sophie Brosstel will also star in the film.

The subject is about a boy who is inspired by the ex-President’s mantra ‘dream big’. The child artiste will be from the slums of Rajasthan.

The film is expected to be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.



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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kambli met Tendulkar face to face

Barely five days after his remarks against Sachin Tendulkar created a controversy, former Indian player Vinod Kambli on Saturday came face-to-face with his celebrated childhood friend at a public function.

Tendulkar and Kambli made their first joint appearance at a felicitation programme where their coach Ramakant Achrekar was also honoured.

At the event, titled "Gaurav Guru Shishyancha" (in honour of the coach and his pupil), the two childhood friends were seated on either side of Achrekar and were seen talking to each other.

Both seemed to be in a relaxed mood and were also seen sharing some jokes.

Kambli, who started off his career with a flourish but fizzled out after numerous comebacks, had recently stirred a controversy by accusing Tendulkar of not helping him enough in a TV reality show.

Kambli initially denied having made such a comment against Tendulkar but a brief video footage of the programme showed that the former cricketer had indeed made such a remark.

Tendulkar, however, appeared to play down the incident when reporters sought his comment on Kambli's remarks after the function.

"I have said whatever I wanted, I am not going to say anything now", he said.

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